1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.


2. good fortune, luck.



25 Aberdour Place, Broughty ferry, Dundee, DD5 2PJ

07704 445892


Holistic Massage

Benefits of massage include:


Aids weight loss

Relieves aches and pains and help to tone the muscles

Relaxation of tight muscles and helps with stiff joints

Increases blood circulation

Stimulates the lymphatic system to aid the removal of waste products in the body

Improves skin colour/texture/elasticity and breaks down fatty tissue

Stimulates and soothes nerve endings in the skin

Aids exfoliation process

Softens and moisturises skin

Helps stimulate metabolism naturally and improve general health


We also use soft relaxing background music to help draw the mind and body into a completely relaxed state.



Price List



Back, Neck & Shoulder £20 (30 minutes)


Back, Neck & Shoulder with Legs £40

(1 hour)


Full Body £45

(1 hour)


Full Body £70

(1 hour and 30 minutes)



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